Amaranto Bungalows and Suites Frequently asked Questions

Is there a beach on the facilities?

No, Amaranto is located downtown close to everything yet far enough from the action.

Is there a pool?

Yes, there is a small pool good for relaxing but do not count on swimming. The best swimming pool is the ocean just blocks away.

How far is the beach?

The beach is just 3 blocks away but it is better to go out of town for the very beautiful ones. Ask us, we will tell you how to get to the better spots.

Is there a kitchen? and if there is, where is it?

There are kitchenettes, kind of a little bars in front of the king size beds in the bungalows, and bigger bars in the Suites, containing a microwave and a little fridge. There are also some dishes and silverware. The kitchen by the lobby is only for Staff use and for preparing your breakfast.

Is there an internet connection and a phone in the rooms?

There is a broadband connection and there is a wireless modem for your laptops, but you have to go in the lobby. The telephone is also in the lobby.

How do we get there?

From the ferry you only have to walk 6 blocks but better take a taxi and bring the address with you (print our map and telephone numbers); you can’t miss the building! And yes, of course, from Cozumel airport there is only one way out, take the shuttle and tell the driver our adress. …Unless you rent a car right there. Only 10 minutes ride. Check on Google Maps.

I meant How do we get there… from Cancun?

If you are riding your car and you come to saty in the island for at least 2 or 3 days you may consider crossing in the ferry that brings the goodies into the island. Don’t do it if you are coming for a short time since making the line and the ride itself is time cosuming of your precious vacation.


If you arrive to Cancun airport and you are concerned on budget I would advise to take the Riviera Bus “ADO”departing from the airport and bringing you right into the main plaza in Playa del Carmen where you’ll take the ferry. Be careful with their schedules though, and leave some extra time since they have been departing before the hour, and for some reason, they seem to be arriving in Playa, just on time to miss the next boat! (ferries change schedules every month, check the update); there are 2 companies taking the shift:  http://www.mexicowaterjets.com/eng/index.php and http://granpuerto.com.mx/EN/index.html

Otherwise, there are also the regular taxis, (quite expensive) and the shuttle (that will depart when it is full and drop many persons before you)

Finally, there is also the plane that has some flights of 20 minutes from Cancun to Cozumel: http://www.mayair.com.mx/ From the airport in Cozumel it is a five minute ride to Amaranto.

If you arrive by the ferry you are only at 10 minutes from Amaranto,walking, but you may take a taxi if you are loaded. Bring of course the adress and phone numbers.

Can I drink water from the faucets?

No, it is not advisable although the water is treated. But, not to worry, EVERYBODY uses purified water for cooking and there is plenty of it in the lobby of Amaranto.

Can I bring my cell phone?

Some telephones work here. It is easy to find out with your dealer at home. If you have a Smartphone we will provide you with the code from our modem.

Do you have a computer I can use?

No, there is a Wi-Fi connection by the lobby. Password is required, ask us.

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